About Me

Hello!  I’m ” Derek ” Father of two beautiful kids. I begin with newborn photography since 4 – 5 years back when i first assist my friend(mentor) for the baby photos shoot, at that time i didn’t know much about the newborn photography but those images is really make me wanna have 3rd kids haha 🙂 Those heart melting images is really move me and now after 3 years plus of shooting newborn, i am really appreciated and proud that the parents given the trust to me who let me handler their precious little one. I always feeling so blessing and precious to be able carry the newborn babies often and create one after another precious images for the parents and the baby’s. I believe in every life moments is greatest memorises that could be last forever.

Sometimes, you will never know the true value of a moment until it becomes a memory.


About Newborn Photography

Newborn Photography is a fairly new at Singapore(or south east Asia country) but is very popular in Australia, United State or some Europe county’s.

In the past, parents would most often choose to have their baby’s first portrait session take place around full-moon or baby shower age. Now, newborn photography is only the subjects are typically photographs the baby less than two weeks old and like myself, photograph newborns at 2 weeks of age.

Although having a newborn session done just days after birth is a fairly new concept for many parents in Asia and especially in our culture sometime might having some difficulty to bring the baby to photographs during mummy still under confinement period, As i believe newborn photography it isn’t just a fashion only. It’s about capturing this beautiful moment before the child grows up and remember how tiny little precious baby before the first steps .

The concept of newborn photography is similar to the concept of wedding photography. Your newborn baby will only be this tiny once in their life, and only for a matter of days.

You have one chance to capture that moment before it passes you by.